Barbie: the film banned in two countries for “moral and religious” reasons

8/11/20231 min read

Following Vietnam, it is now the turn of two additional nations to impose cultural and religious bans on Barbie and Margot Robbie.

Around the world, feature films have encountered a wide range of issues. His collaborative release with Oppenheimer has particularly sparked debate in Japan. And that's not all—Barbie was not released in Vietnam due to a minor detail that also generated controversy. The film's release has now been prohibited in two more nations for "moral and religious" grounds.


Indeed, Kuwait and Lebanon have chosen to forbid the release of the movie because it would support views and attitudes that are at odds with the guiding principles and values of the two nations, according to the international news agency Associated Press. According to a press statement from the Kuwait News Agency, the movie will thus advocate "ideas and beliefs that are completely foreign to Kuwaiti society and its public order."

The picture "contradicted the values of faith and morals," according to Lebanon's culture minister, Mohammad Mortada, and "promoted homosexuality and sexual transformations." He addressed the request to the Interior Ministry, which deals with matters of censorship.