Crunchyroll announces 3 anime for this summer

Ahead of the Anime Expo event, Crunchyroll announced the broadcast for this summer of three new anime.


The adaptation of a light book by Haruki Kuô and Konomi, with help from the Geek Toys studio and directors Satoru Ohno and Naoki Matsuura.

The launch date is July 8.


Students participate in a duel called "game" on the school island known as "Academy" to establish their ranking. Hiroto Shinohara defeated Sarasa Saionji, the undisputed champion from the previous year, on the first day of her transfer, earning the highest score ever on the hardest entrance exam ever given in Japan. More quickly than anybody before him, he ascends to the position of "Seven Star" and takes control of the island. He needs to maintain control, even if it's a falsehood, in order to accomplish his goal on the island. And to do that, he will do anything, including cheat with Himeji, the lovely servant who serves as his mistress, and his accomplice, Saionji, a fake woman. Win everything using cunning and falsehoods; the school game is about to begin!


The studio J.C. Staff's and director Masato Matsune's adaptation of Sakae Esuno's self-titled manga, which in turn was adapted from a light novel by Uno Bokuto (Alderamin on the Sky) and illustrator Miyuki Ruria.

On July 7, the series will debut.


The incoming wizards at Kimberly's renowned magic academy arrive in the spring. Each student wears a black robe and has a sword and white wand on their belt. Everyone is anxious to prove themselves. However, the school organizes an amazing procession of fantastical animals and enthusiastically welcomes new students under the flowers. However, the truth is that this academy is a place of numerous dangers, and the program does not ensure pupils' survival. Will Oliver Horn and his friends be able to successfully finish their apprenticeship?


A quick 4-episode anime spin-off of the same name that was created by Seven Arcs Studio. Between July 12 and August 23, these will be broadcast in Japan.


Four brand-new special episodes.

When Nasa Yuzaki started high school, he fell in love with the stunning and enigmatic Tsukasa. She responds, "I agree to go out with you, but only if we get married," as he professes his affections to her. After a few years, Nasa and Tsukasa, who have just turned 18 years old, will start dating.