GTA San Andreas: A magnificent remaster that is stronger than Rockstar

6/27/20232 min read

GTA San Andreas is without a doubt one of the most cherished chapters in the hearts of fans. Unfortunately, Rockstar's remake barely modifies the game, which is getting stale.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy could be released in 2021, to much excitement. The cult classic video games Grand Theft Auto III, Vice City, and GTA San Andreas have been remastered as The Definitive Edition, which goes by this lengthy name. Unfortunately, it must be acknowledged that some of the work was pretty sloppy, which has only served to increase players' yearning for a remake with truly flawless graphics. What if one fan was able to fulfill this wish for many others?

When a fan-made recreation outperforms Rockstar

Rockstar's restoration fell short of expectations, so YouTube channel 12th Hour decided to create their own remaster or remake of GTA San Andreas to finish the job. The man is not afraid to criticize Rockstar's efforts in his video, pointing out how ludicrous it is that the 2021 version has a ton of bugs and other gameplay issues. imitate the remaster, which gives remake music for the occasion. This wonderful job is displayed in the video below:

The first thing he did was create a realistic CJ while maintaining the same distinctive facial physiognomy. Amazing renderings may be found here. Then he took care of recreating Grove Street, which is the most well-known street in Los Santos and where our main character spent the most of his life. Once again, the representation is breathtaking and provides a glimpse of what a very high-quality remaster would look like. Beyond the façade, even the interior of CJ's home has been meticulously recreated, down to the walls' peeling paint.

There are several reasons why GTA San Andreas is regarded as a cult classic. especially because of its endearing and charismatic characters. Each character in the novel, from CJ himself to his boyhood buddies Sweet, Big Smoke, and Ryder to the several supporting figures, has a distinct personality and memorable pieces of dialogue. We particularly recall significant references to classic movies like The Big Lebowski. Additionally, every effort is made to transport the user back to the 1990s, such as with a stunning soundtrack that enhances the mood.