House Of The Dragon Season 2: The Release Date Is Getting Clearer!

Patrick John

11/3/20231 min read

Season 2 of "House of the Dragon" will air two years after the initial episodes, with season 1 having shown in the summer of 2022. The HBO chief officially announced the airdate.

In less than a year, House of the Dragon will make a return.

House of the Dragon's second season is long overdue, much like The Last of Us. Filming for the first is eventually scheduled to start in 2025, most likely for broadcast. We were aware that the production for the second, which would air in the summer of 2022, would take a long time. HBO wants to complete tasks carefully and without hurry. And we became concerned when the strikes by screenwriters and Hollywood actors and actresses started.

Ultimately, though, nothing affected the prequel's filming for Game of Thrones. Then, we declared that a broadcast in the summer of 2024 might occur. And as of today, this is verified.

Season 2 of House of the Dragon will air in the summer of 2019, according to HBO president Casey Bloys, who made the official announcement during a press conference (which Deadline reported). When the media was there at the event, they also got to see the first trailer. Thus, we can only hope that the photos will be made public very soon.

What is known about the second season of House of the Dragon?

Post-production is now underway. HBO will have time between now and next summer to devote as much effort as possible to the spectacular effects, which are undoubtedly crucial to this series. It's possible that season 2 gets off to a great start with a bloodbath in episode 1, even though not much information about the next episodes has leaked. However, it's also possible that this season is shorter than the last one, which had 10 episodes.

Lastly, Casy Bloys announced A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms: The Hedge Knight, a second television series connected to Game of Thrones. After years of planning, this spin-off should finally start making things happen. The HBO president intends to begin production in the spring.