John Wick 5: a sequel planned for Keanu Reeves? Not so fast!

Patrick John

7/6/20231 min read

Director Chad Stahelski cools things down by emphasizing that there is still much work to be done despite the announcement of "John Wick 5", which surprised more than one audience member.

Will a sequel to John Wick be released? According to Lionsgate's president, "yes." Chad Stahelski, the creator of the first four works, said, "We'll see." We would have had to arm ourselves not with weapons but with patience if a fifth movie had been revealed at the end of May, along with spin-offs.

"And then there's the rival, or rather the actual director in me, who tells himself, 'Fuck it, we'll see if we can do it.' It's quite alluring. But at this time, I'm lacking the "Why." That does not imply that we should give up looking.

If we already start to picture Keanu Reeves' prospective adversaries in John Wick 5, Chad Stahelski will inject some enthusiasm by pointing out that patience will be our most important starting point. if the follow-up is released.