Marvel's Spider-Man 2 a big secret finally revealed to everyone!

Kate Smith

6/27/20232 min read

Fans of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 have recently been made aware of a brand-new scene that will pit Peter Parker against a well-known foe.

Peter Parker and Miles Morales will have a difficult time maintaining order in Manhattan in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Kraven the Hunter, a new adversary that wasn't in the original two games, will be encountered by the two superheroes. The Marvel's Spider-Man 2 clip, which was unveiled in May during the PlayStation Showcase, also hinted at the potential appearance of a player-familiar foe. The Venom symbiote is yet another aspect of Marvel's Spider-Man 2 that may cause problems. Although we do not yet know how, this pirouette will parasitize Peter Parker's clothing and render it especially unstable. But as was proven during a fairly unique ceremony, Venom will in fact have a new host.

In fact, Norman Osborn is depicted at his hidden laboratory in this chapter, which players are familiar with thanks to the post-credits scenes of Marvel's Spider-Man and Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. The figure is seen walking toward a vat containing OZ, the biological substance that gives Peter Parker and the Green Goblin their abilities. Inside it lies his son Harry, whose arms are all that we can see but whose distinctly visible black bands strongly resemble Venom. a scene that was adapted from the one that appeared following the credits of the Weavers' First Adventure. The latter, with Osborn's son serving as host, had previously announced the color and arrival of Venom.

Fans of Marvel's Spider-Man comics would be perplexed to see Harry Osborn as Venom because everyone was anticipating to see Eddie Brock, Venom's most well-known host. The creative director of Marvel's Spider-Man 2, Bryan Inithiar, did announce during Summer Game Fest that Eddie Brock would not play Venom, but he took care to keep it a secret in order to stir up more controversy. Even people who haven't seen the post-credits scenes of Marvel's Spider-Man and its spinoff now have the same level of knowledge. As a result, Harry Osborn will be one of the key antagonists of the story, and we can't wait to witness his conflict with Peter Parker. To learn more, we'll have to wait until the game launches on the PS5 on October 20.