MASHLE anime clarifies its Season 2 Release Date

6/30/20233 min read

Following the Japanese broadcast of the series' twelfth and final episode, the official website for the anime MASHLE revealed this Friday the date for the premiere of its second season, which will specifically adapt the third chapter of the manga, Execution, which centers on Mash Burnedead's punishment after the truth about him is revealed inside Easton Academy.

While season one provided us with an explosive concoction of crazy humor, intense bodybuilding, intense combat, and cream puffs, this follow-up will pay tribute to the famed divine chosen ones, who have long been regarded as the most potent magicians in the world. world. The threat posed by Innocent Zero also emerges from the shadows, which is sufficient to guarantee future epic battles.

Unfortunately, even though the series' upcoming events are already making our mouths water, we will need to prepare ourselves for a minimum of patience since this second season won't be broadcast for a few more months, giving the project production team enough time to produce a product that meets expectations.

We therefore welcome you to read this page immediately to get all the pertinent information about this season 2 of the MASHLE anime, including its precise release date, staff, cast, plot, trailer, and much more, as you wait for the return of Mash and his companions.

What is the release date for the MASHLE Season 2 anime?

The anime MASHLE Season 2 (MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES), created by the animation house A-1 Pictures, is slated for release in Japan in January 2024.

MASHLE Season 2 Anime Trailer:

Recall that the project is being worked on by Tomoya Tanaka at the animation studio A-1 Pictures. The script is being written by Yosuke Kuroda, and Tojima Hisashi is responsible for character design. The artistic director is Yusa Ito, the sound director is Satoshi Motoyama, and the 3D director is Daisuke Fukuda. Masaru Yokoyama created the music.

The primary actors in the artistic cast were all present throughout the first season, and they are as follows:

· Chiaki Kobayashi as Mash Burnedead

· Reiji Kawashima as Finn Ames

· Kaito Ishikawa as Lance Crown

· Takuya Eguchi as Dot Barrett

· Reina Ueda as Lemon Irvine

· Yuki Kaji as Rayne Ames

· Yuiichirou Umehara as Abel Walker

· Hiroki Nanami as Abyss Razor

· Mugihito as Wahlberg

· Natsuki Hanae as Cell War

· Hiroaki Hirata as the Narrator

The anime MASHLE: MAGIC AND MUSCLES is based on the same-named manga by Hajime Komoto, which will be pre-published in Japan starting in January 2020 by publisher Shueisha in the Weekly Shonen Jump publication.

Anime MASHLE Season 2 SynopsisMash Burnedead is a true outlier in the system because he was not born with magic, and yet he lives in a society where magic determines the rules and everyone's social standing. The young man is forced to enroll in the elite Easton Academy of Magic after a law enforcement officer learns the truth about him because failing to do so will result in a death sentence.

Fortunately, due to his daily bodybuilding workouts and diet of cream puffs, the young man easily overcomes the numerous obstacles in his path by utilizing nothing but his physical strength! But now that she has vanquished the two most powerful mages in Magia Lupus, Abyss Razor and Abel, as well as the enigmatic Cell War, her secret is finally out in the open.

Mash is entitled to a reprieve, provided he demonstrates that he is at least as strong as a divinely chosen one and that his presence in the great war to come is required. Fortunately for him, the sudden appearance of Innocent Zero, the leader of the criminal organization of the same name, has granted him this opportunity. He only needs to take part in and succeed in the competition to be the new divinely chosen one to accomplish this.

Some individuals, even within the current heavenly elect, are adamantly resolved to stand in his path. Will Mash be able to defeat the numerous threats that lie in wait for him using only the might of his fists?