Mission Impossible 7: they made an entire train... to throw it off a cliff!

Patrick John

7/8/20231 min read

"No one does real special effects at this level anywhere in the world, and maybe no one ever will!"

At Ethan Hunt, we don't make light of green funds. Mission Impossible 7 was created using as many genuine stunts and "practical" effects as possible because there was no way to alter anything digitally. When Tom Cruise jumps from a cliff while riding a motorcycle and has a parachute on his back, he truly is Tom Cruise, and he is actually doing that! Additionally, Christopher McQuarrie constructs a real locomotive from scratch in order to derail it when he wants to blow up a train.

The creator of this absolutely insane video recounts in great detail how the well-known waterfall in Norway was created, which has been teased since the beginning of filming. In the reliefs of the Scandinavian nation, Tom Cruise and Esai Morales are seen fighting on the roof of a train that is moving at top speed.

According to Christopher McQuarrie, the Mission: Impossible crew actually had a train built for the purposes of filming. They had visions of whole wagons with exact interiors, not just a carcass. Ethan Hunt performs on the roof while a full train is capable of traveling at a speed of 100 km/h on actual railroad lines. He will ultimately toss a fantastic train from the world of cinema, which will crash 200 meters below. Again, everything was filmed in real life! The images are gorgeous.