Oshi no Ko Season 2: Release Date, Trailer, Anime Info

Patrick John

6/28/20232 min read

The anime Oshi no Ko has easily established itself as THE can't-miss title of spring 2023 thanks to a first episode that made a big splash online, phenomenally successful opening credits that received close to 200 million views on YouTube in less than three months, a colorful artistic direction, and a production that managed to elevate an already excellent manga at the base.

The announcement of a second season for the project seemed inevitable given its unmistakable success, and it was in fact confirmed following the broadcast of the final episode of season 1 this Wednesday, June 28! To our great delight, the series' official website actually quickly declared that a sequel was already in the works.

Following the fourth act of the manga, which focused on the introduction of the new B-Komachi, this second season will specifically adapt the "play adapted from a manga" arc, during which we will be able to learn about all the challenges faced by directors as well as how talented actors can make a world of difference. Aqua will have to face her previous suffering in order to surpass herself.

We have provided you with all the pertinent details about Oshi no Ko Season 2 in this post, including the premiere date, cast members, creative team, trailers, and more, in order to help you get ready for the brutal return of show business.

When will Oshi no Ko Season 2 be available to watch, and on what platform?

The production committee of the anime Oshi no Ko Season 2, which is still being produced by the animation studio Doga Kobo, has not yet announced a release date. The release of this sequel, however, should occur sometime in the spring or summer of 2024, assuming the time between its announcement and broadcast is similar to that of season 1. Keep in mind that more specific details will be released at a later time.

Let's look at the production team for Oshi no Ko season 2, which should be the same as that of season 1, even if the release date is currently unknown.

As a result, the series is still being directed by Daisuke Hiramaki at the Doga Kobo animation studio. While Jin Tanaka once again writes the screenplay, Chao Nekotomi continues to serve as the director's assistant. Character design is once again credited to Kanna Hirayama. Takeshi Takadera continues to be the sound director, and Tetsuya Usami is the art director. Takuro Iga is once again responsible for the music.

The manga of the same name, written by Aka Akasaka and illustrated by Yokoyari Mengo and pre-published by Japanese publisher Sheusiha starting in April 2020 in Weekly Young Jump magazine, is the source material for the Oshi no Ko anime. Kurokawa has been publishing the manga in France since January 2022, and DNA owns the first season of the animated series.