Season 3 of Tokyo Revengers gets a Trailer and a New Visual

Patrick John

9/9/20232 min read

This Thursday, a new trailer for the anime Tokyo Revengers Season 3 (Tokyo Revengers: Tenjiku-hen), whose premiere is scheduled for October 3, 2023, in Japan, can be seen on the project's official website.

We also learn that the third season's closing song, "Say My Name," will be performed by the Japanese group Hey-Smith. We don't yet know who will sing the opening song, so stay tuned. For the event, a fresh promotional poster was also released.

The project is being directed by Hatsumi Koichi at the animation company Liden Films. Character design is attributed to Ohnuki Kenichi and Ota Keiko, while the narrative is being written by Yasuyuki Mutou. The 3D is realized by Taira Masato under the artistic supervision of Rumi Matsumoto. Photography is being directed by Mitsuyoshi Yamamoto, and sound is being directed by Satoki Iida. The music is composed by Hiroaki Tsutsumi.

The manga of the same name by Ken Wakui, which ran from March 2017 to November 2022 in Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazine in Japan, served as the inspiration for the Tokyo Revengers anime.

The third season of the anime Tokyo Revengers:

After the "Christmas conflict" is resolved, Takemichi returns to the future and finds a horrific scene: not only is Hina still dead, but Mikey has also slain all the Toman executives! The only option left to him is to go back in time and change the way things happened once more.

Instead of settling for the bare minimum this time, Takemichi intends to take over as the Toman's new leader in order to stop Mikey from faltering under the burden and obligations associated with his rank. But when he and Chifuyu deliberate on the best course of action to take in order to lead the Tokyo Manji-Kai, Takemichi runs into the Yokohama Tenjiku gang, whose new vice-commander appears to be Kisaki Teta!

And to make matters worse, the latter is about to set off the incident that would soon be known as "the Kanto disaster. How does Kisaki manage to anticipate every situation? It cannot be just coincidence for Takemichi. What if he was also able to travel through time?

The manga of the same name by Ken Wakui served as the inspiration for the anime Tokyo Revengers.

Shonen, action, drama, science fiction, and romance.

Date of publication: October 3, 2023