Silo season 2: First Information On The Casting, The story, And The Filming

Patrick John

10/9/20232 min read

Even if the critics gave the first season of Silo on Apple TV+ a positive review, it didn't have much of an effect. What can we anticipate from the already-confirmed season 2?

The first season of Silo was a true little critical success and signaled the resurgence of the "young adult" genre (without teenagers but with all its concerns). So it makes sense to hold off until Rebecca Ferguson's television series returns for a second season. Discover all the information you require about the remaining Apple TV+ series, including the release date, synopsis, trailer, casting, and filming.

On June 14, 2023, Deadline made a formal announcement regarding the second season of Silo. Matt Cherniss, the head of programming for Apple TV+, then promptly verified the news.

Since the first season of Silo ended on a cliffhanger, the second installment will undoubtedly center on Juliette, who defied all odds to escape her silo in the previous episode. Given that Hugh Howey's first novel, the source material for the series, had its plot stop before it reached its conclusion, it is safe to assume that this will be where the second season picks up.

The show would explore the outside world and the enigmatic catastrophe that wiped off civilization while revealing the mysteries of the other silos that Juliette has uncovered. Discontent is increasing in the silo that she has just left, and this sequel will also have to cope with the potential uprising that is brewing in the neighborhood. The difficulties will undoubtedly be numerous and exciting because there are so many unanswered questions.


If there hasn't been a formal casting announcement, we may anticipate seeing the cast members from season one return to duty. Rebecca Ferguson, the series' star and a key contributor to its success, will be present, and she should once again be joined by Tim Robbins (Mayor Bernard Holland), Common (Robert Sims), and Iain Glen (Pete Nichols). It's possible that Shane McRae (Knox), Tanya Moodie (Judge Meadows), Sophie Thompson (Gloria Hildebrandt), Avi Nash (Lukas Kyle), Harriet Walter (Martha Walker), and Chinaza Uche (Paul Billings) will all make a comeback.

SILO SEASON 2 has started filming:

Season 2 of Silo has already begun filming, Rebecca Ferguson announced to Collider:

"Season 2 filming has already begun, so we're in the middle of it. I'll continue doing this for some time.

The actors' strikes that are currently affecting Hollywood are most likely to blame for this shoot's delays, though. By the end of 2023, the strike might be over. Then we'll be aware of more.

What date could SILO Season 2 be released?

Season 2 of Silo has not yet been given a release date. But based on the dates of the filming, it might start airing in the summer of 2024.


Given that Apple TV+ was the exclusive platform for the first season of Silo's transmission, the second season should take the same route.