Stranger Things season 5: Millie Bobby Brown confides at the end of the series

Kate Smith

8/19/20232 min read

The actor who portrays Eleven in the Netflix series Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown, confided in the show's conclusion, which will occur in season 5. She equated the conclusion of this season to the end of high school and is prepared to start the next one. Not every performer in the Netflix series is like this, though.

Season 5 of Strange Things: It's Time to Part Ways

The Stranger Things series has been available on Netflix since 2016, becoming one of the most well-known and recognizable shows on a global level. It's time for the group of teenagers from Hawkins to bid our screens farewell after four exciting seasons. The fifth season will serve as the series' climax and must bring an end to the conflict between the youthful heroes and Vecna, the formidable foe who was first presented in season four.

With Vecna having succeeded in submerging Hawkins in the Upside Down and Will still sensing its malevolent presence, Season 4 ended on a dramatic cliffhanger. These factors suggest that Stranger Things' final season will be intense and dramatic, guaranteeing a memorable conclusion for the show's viewers.

Millie Bobby Brown's revelations

Stranger Things is more than just a career adventure for the young performers who got their start on the show. As a result, having to end this program marks a significant milestone for them and the beginning of a new profession.

The actress who plays Eleven, Millie Bobby Brown, recently opened up about how she feels about Stranger Things coming to an end in an interview with Women's Wear Daily. She expressed her eagerness to complete this chapter and welcome new opportunities and experiences by equating this period to the end of high school:

“I think I'm prepared. Although it was a significant event in my life, it was more like the end of my high school career. We are getting ready for the baccalaureate; we are content with our time spent sitting on school benches, but we are also eager to go on to the next stage of our lives”.

On the series' finale, other cast members also commented. Dustin's actor, Gaten Matarazzo, acknowledged that he had both joy and dread at the conclusion of this challenging journey. Sheriff Hopper's interpreter, David Harbour, made the observation that, despite the ending being bittersweet, it is now time for the actors to go on to new roles while still praising the Duffer brothers' brilliance as creators.

As the end drew near, Sadie Sink, who plays Max, also shared her feelings. She said that leaving the show would be "sad," "scary," and "horrible" in an interview for the Today Show. This moment is filled with a range of strong emotions thanks to the close ties that the performers have developed over the years. She disclosed her presence in the filming while keeping her character's fate a secret, giving the impression that Max will still have a role to play.

The conclusion of an epic that has enthralled millions of fans worldwide will be marked with the release of Stranger Things' fifth and final season, which is greatly anticipated. It is anticipated to arrive sometime around 2024.