The Nun 2: demonic trailer for the return of the Conjuring-verse

7/8/20232 min read

With The Nun 2, Taissa Farmiga's experiences in the Conjuring universe are continued for better or worse.

While the Insidious series has finally concluded (hopefully for good) with a Red Door being taken, we find the continuation of another 2010 cult horror phenomenon. The Conjuring and Annabelle trilogies have come to an end, and James Wan's terrifying universe will now have the right to its own series. Five years after the original The Nun came out, it is now The Nun's turn to have the right to its sequel. It makes sense, given that the original film continues to be the franchise's largest box office hit, with 365 million dollars in worldwide revenue.

Michael Chaves, who had previously directed The Curse of the White Lady and Conjuring: Under the Control of the Devil, took over for Corin Hardy, who had directed the first film. Despite the negative reviews these films garnered from reviewers, James Wan and Peter Safran continue to work frequently with the filmmaker. Warner Bros. ultimately unveiled the project's initial photographs; however, little else was known about it.


Here, the basic structure of the narrative is revealed. The Vatican assigns Sister Irene to look into a string of enigmatic killings that the demon is believed to be behind in 1956 France.

The few jump scares that are seen in this trailer are very traditional. However, they gain from Tristan Nyby's photography, which is rather nice (even though, to be honest, at times too gloomy). Let's draw specific attention to the wall of newspapers in the closing scene, which is both conceptually and visually compelling.

We will see Taissa Farmiga in this movie, along with budding actress Storm Reid. This left a lasting impression on viewers of Euphoria and The Last of Us thanks to a small but pivotal role. It is yet unknown if The Nun 2 will be able to surpass the standards set by The Conjuring, despite this surprisingly optimistic trailer.Most of the franchise's movies made over $300 million at the box office, but after The Curse of the White Lady, there haven't really been any major commercial or critical triumphs. Case in point: On September 13, 2023, The Nun 2 will be released in theaters.