Uncharted 2: a sequel is well planned according to the producer of the first film

Patrick John

8/11/20231 min read

The producer said that Uncharted 2 will be released following the success of Tom Holland's Uncharted.

The curse of video game adaptations still exists despite recent and successful ones, such as The Last of Us or Super Mario Bros. One of the most recent examples is definitely the movie Uncharted, which, although not the worst adaptation, did lead us to compile a list of the 10 worst movies based on video games—clearly not an entire list.


Even though the movie Uncharted was a long way from the fantastic video games, it was nevertheless a box office hit. After a great start, it concluded its run with more than $400 million collected globally, which was enough to motivate Sony and filmmaker Ruben Fleischer to start work on a sequel. This person could be able to complete his project after declaring a wish to develop a sequel soon after the movie's debut. Charles Roven, the first movie's producer, was the last to announce his plans, telling The Hollywood Reporter in an interview that a sequel was in the works:

"We had a great time making this movie. Both enthusiasts and those without any prior knowledge of the game enjoyed the movie a lot. As a result, we must create another.

Although the movie's filming has not yet officially begun, all the lights are green. Uncharted may end up becoming the next great Hollywood adventure tale after the box office failure of the most recent Indiana Jones film. Tom Holland's availability is still unknown because his calendar at the moment appears to be rather full. I'm not sure if the game's supporters are calling for Uncharted 2, though.